We offer a range of specialty cards, pockets, embellishments and printing styles including foil printing, printing on wood and letterpress.


Custom Design

By having your invitations and stationery custom made, they will be designed exactly the way you want it. From the graphics through to the paper, embellishments, typeface and colours. I love to hear your ideas, no matter how crazy! I love to turn your ideas into life. If you would like to choose from a pre-designed range, or are pressed for time, you can have a look at the Studio Collection.


To get your design just the way you want it, it takes some time. There is a custom design fee which varies depending on the complexity of the design you would like. You can send me a picture of something you have seen and love and we can send you a customised quote depending on your individual needs. If you are unsure what you want, we can meet up and discuss some ideas and narrow down your style.

Pricing for these designs vary and depend on the intricacy of the design, printing style, size, extra embellishments, ribbons and card you choose. Contact me for a customised quotation.